Employees at Easy Pay Tire Co. listen to their customers when they report funny noises. They were surprised when the noise was a meow. As soon as the vehicle was put up on the rack, one tiny disgruntled kitten was fished out of the wheel well.

Should his name be Lucky? We could do better that that! It’s a fact, this was one lucky kitten, who needed an out of the ordinary name.

Mr. Douglas Besecker, owner of EASY PAY TIRE CO at 619 N Federal Highway Boynton Beach, FL 33435-5509 (561) 732-2696, sponsored a name the Goodyear Kitty Contest. The winner was Ms. Adrienne Smith vacationing in Boynton Beach from Colorado. Adrienne won a free oil change (her parents liked this prize), $25 in gift certificates, and a ride on the Goodyear Blimp. The kitten was dubbed KitKat.

KitKat is lucky he has a life, never mind a pedigree, but he is most likely a descendent of European cats sailing the Mayflower as mousers. Staff guessed he was an American Shorthair sometimes called a Domestic Shorthair, American Tabby, or just a plain old Alley Cat.

An American Tabby is a low maintenance cat. Aside from his own grooming he likes to be the center of attention when brushed. The personality of a Tabby is smart, gentle, compliant, agile, loyal, and athletic. Purring is enthusiastic and meows mellow. KitKat has an independent dignity all his own, and is a popular attraction in the waiting room, but pet at your own risk since he decides when it’s time for a cuddle.

Judged to be barely old enough to leave his mama when he found his way into a wheel well, this guy was hungry and quite willing to share lunch – everyone’s lunch. He entertains customers with his stalking of lizards, dust bunnies, or someone’s shoe lace. Today Easy Pay is free of mice, lizards, and any critter smaller than KitKat’s 15 pound girth. Affectionate with people, he does not like any other animals in his domain.

KitKat is silver, gray, and white with both stripes and whorls. One whorl looks like an apple, another looks like a target. His skull is broad and rounded with a small scoop from the bridge of the note to the forehead. His eyes are green, large, and wide with an almond shape. As predicted by the size of the kitten paws, he has become a large cat. His coat has a short thick texture, and he has a long tail that twitches over his back.

Despite his scorn for motorized vehicles, he likes tires. His favorite hiding place is inside a Goodyear tire. His favorite napping site -- when he can’t find a lap – is on top of the Goodyear tire display. Easy Pay’s Executive Secretary says he is fond of her keyboard and helps type too. KitKat appropriated the chair he liked best, so the boss had to get himself a new desk chair.